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SUNY Campuses Coming Together
on a Unified DLE.

Cohort 1 Launches

Over 170 representatives from the 30 campuses that comprise Cohort 1—the first grouping of campuses to begin the transition to SUNY’s new Digital Learning Environment—participated in a virtual kick-off meeting at the beginning of February. The respective project teams from SUNY System Administration and D2L were introduced, and an initial schedule of activities was shared and later refined.

Each cohort will move through a multi-month process that involves academic and technical planning, training, testing, and piloting before all of its courses/activities are live in the production environment. The shared schedule, pictured below with the main categories highlighted, is marked as “sample” because it is understood that some campuses may move at a slightly different pace; this is why the estimated time for completion of each cohort is a range between 11 and 13 months.

A chart conveying a detailed timeline for Cohort 1. February 2 is the kick off session. February 7-25 are the initial discovery sessions with D2L. February 28 - March 11 - Access to Brightspace guided training and what the training team are calling virtual "Fireside chats." March 14 - March 18 - Campus System Administrator Training. Training opportunities continue through December. March 21 - 25 - Focused discovery/configuration sessions. March 25 - Access to the production site. March 28 - April 1 - Course migration overview and sample course conversion (five courses per campus). April 4 - April 8 - Solution review and documentation provided. April 4 - April 21 - Ongoing course migration. April 8 - Faculty get access to production site.

Timeline activities range from initial discovery and broad training, to focused discovery sessions and configurations, access to the production environment for campus administrators, and sample course conversions. This initial work will be followed by broader course migration and access to the production site. For Cohort 1 campuses, a soft launch is envisioned for this summer.